It’s Time to Be an Adult

Here’s an update: I’ve just got my tickets to Okinawa yahoooooo!!!

There was so much back and forth going on these couple of months whilst waiting on the immigration to present the school with my Certificate of Eligibility (COE), to be sent over so I can process my long-term visa.

(It is finally happening! I asked God for a way to stay in Japan long-term and now I am about to process my long-term visa. How awesome is that??)

The back and forth was as to when exactly I was able to get everything sorted and fly to Okinawa. We were told two weeks ago that the COE would most probably arrive by mid-Nov, leaving me with mid to end Nov to fly over.

However, just two days ago I received an email from the principal that they have received my COE from immigration. It’s not even November yet! There was little time between the initial shock from the email and proceeding to getting all my flights booked and documents ready for the visa.

I woke up yesterday with anxiety peaking as my mind went into planning-mode the moment I was conscious. I tried to find peace in my room but couldn’t, so I ran. Literally ran, ran away from everything, to a playground not too far away, climbed to the very top and just sat there.

Up there, I could breathe. I could think. I could just be a child on a playground.

Up on that playground, my Father spoke. He assured me that everything was going to be okay, He’ll take care of things. I don’t have to grow up so soon.

Now that’s just contrary to what everyone else says.

I am 25 this year. Friends my age are growing their careers, some are married (or getting there), some have long moved out of their homes, others are beginning to provide for their soon-to-retire parents; basically, it seems like everyone has eased into adulthood, except me.

On plain sight, it seems like I’ve accomplished nothing in the past two years since my degree. On plain sight it seems like all I’ve done is travel. I have no new certifications, no career advancements. I’ve just been (as some people say) “missioning” or “missionary-ing”.

I guess that’s one of the struggles of returning to Singapore, you meet the people with whom you’ve grown up, look at their lives and then back at yours… and get disappointed. Well, nobody wins in a comparison row. There’s no winner in a self-evaluated ‘who’s got the more successful life’

And when I think of this full-time job, sometimes I get into the ‘Okay, now I need to be an adult’ mindset. Moving out of the family nest and into an unknown country, I now have to do things I never had to do before. Like pay the household bills, settle all my meals, manage my own insurances… I need to do all these adult things and it scares me.

At this moment, I am sooo thankful to have a Heavenly Father who walks with me through all of this. In Him, I can and am always a child.

The world rushes us to grow up, but the Bible tells us that unless we “become as little children, [we] will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matt 18:3). Not about being childish, but being childlike. Childlike towards a Father who never grows old. We can never outgrow God. So grateful.

We’ll figure things out together.

With that peace, I decided to push the flight dates back for another week so I can get everything sorted at a steady pace. It was initially agreed that I would fly in around the end of October, and I almost did under the stress to get there asap. That would’ve been way too soon.

I’m flying on the 6th instead, by His grace; and my principal is agreeable on that date! Yay! There is always enough time.

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